Leona Lewis Latest Artist to Leave Modest! Management

Modest lost another one. From The Mirror:

Alarm bells are a-ringing for Leona Lewis who has “parted ways” with her management company just weeks after her new single bombed.

The X Factor winner has amicably split from Modest! Management which has nurtured her career since her talent show win in 2006, helping her break global charts and sales records.

While those close to the Hackney-born singer insist her future is shiny and happy, industry sources are speculating that Simon Cowell and Sony are turning their focus on to younger, hotter acts One Direction, Little Mix and Cher Lloyd.

Leona – seen as the show’s greatest voice – has sold more than 20 million records worldwide, with Bleeding Love going to number one in 30 countries.

But her last single Lovebird sold a pitiful 600 copies and failed to make even the top 200 in the UK.

Meanwhile the 27-year-old’s third album Glassheart, released last October, was her first not to make number one, reaching only number three in the UK.

It was also the first that failed to go platinum – despite an expensively produced debut single of the same name and a hook-up with One Direction heart-throb Liam Payne.

You can’t buy publicity like that.

Or maybe you can….

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