I do see a resemblance - The Latest Blind Gossip - I think Tumblr Has Solved It


So, the latest Blind Gossip is about a porn star who bears a resemblance to a young star whose team almost had “a collective heart attack” when they saw the sex tape. But turns out it is an experienced porn star who just happens to look like the star and even uses a variation of the star’s name. The Blind Item also says the star’s management team is not going to do anything about it because they don’t want porn, especially gay porn, associated with the star.

Tumblr pretty much solved this one instantly. Up top is Harry Styles getting his makeup done. Down below is Jack Styles, porn star, who happens to bear a resemblance to Harry. FYI: Jack seems to have been around forever (since before Harry was famous. From what I’m hearing, he doesn’t even do porn anymore. I found a post about him from 3/2010 so definitely before Harry was famous!). Right from Jack’s co-star’s mouth:

@stylinoops Jack Styles was around before 1D even knew each other! x


Tell me Flushed Harry doesn’t look like the after of the shot of Jack right above!

hary flushed

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